As you might have noticed (or not, that’s good!) my website is completely add free. I want to keep it that way, because advertisements suck. Even though I don’t have adds on my website, I do want to give you the opportunity to support me.

Blogging is my hobby, but yet is takes up effort and time. And since more conventional ways of earning money off this website (like adds or sponsored posts) are not really my thing, I’ve made this donate option. You can donate a chosen amount of money and donate it to my business bankaccount. As a way to support me, if you’d like (I would!).

Now, I can imagine you are curious about what I’ll do with this money. Here’s why I asked the money in the first place:

  1. I want to grow with Loose (my online package free webshop) in a sustainable way, to make unpackaged goods available for more people here in The Netherlands. With the donated money I want to invest more into this company. Not in the form of adds, but in time.
  2. I still work about 12 hours a week in a supermarket. Because of this I do miss out on time for extra things. Beach clean ups for instance, are mostly on Saturdays, or demonstrations, or get-togethers with like-minded people to create sustainable plan. I want to make a bigger impact. With your donation, you give me time.

It’s not a must. It’s just an option, for those of you who give value to my website and what I do (of course you also support me by just reading, commenting or sharing too!). So, here’s the donation link.


Thank you!

Yours sincerely,