My favorite Youtube channels: Sofie Senden and The Messy Minimalist

Since I shared this week that I’ve started a Youtube channel of my own, I thought it’d be a  great moment to highlight other Youtube accounts. Unfortunately for you, but fortunately for my personal time, I only have two Youtube account which I’m addicted to. I’ve seen all their videos, so I can recommend these … More My favorite Youtube channels: Sofie Senden and The Messy Minimalist

Must watch: Sustainable

It’s time for a new documentary. And this documentary is so beautiful to me, since it’s about something I’m really passionate about: food. More specifically: it’s about local food. Knowing where your food comes from, who has put so much effort into growing it and what’s the story behind the food. The following documentary has … More Must watch: Sustainable

Must watch: Revolution

There are always so many emotions going through me while I watch documentaries regarding climate change. Fear, anger, disgust, disappointment. But there is one thing that really kept going through my mind seeing Revolution: stupidity. This is pure stupidity! I always though of us humans as rather smart beings, but oh my, we are so … More Must watch: Revolution

Must watch: Chasing Coral

A few weeks ago I shared a blogpost about The documentary Chasing Ice. That documentary was absolutely stunning and sad at the same time. As I watched it on Netflix, they recommended another documentary to me: Chasing Coral. I’ve seen it now and I am telling you: you should see this too.